Keep the credit union movement moving.

We believe that the collective intelligence of a credit union is its greatest asset. We help you harness this power to design strategies that keep your organization moving in the right direction.

We work with people on a mission.

Strategy Reset

Your long-term success depends on a differentiated strategy. Our Strategy Reset is a highly customized approach to refresh and renew your strategy.

Strategy Check-up

Your strategy should be constantly monitored and evaluated.  Our Strategy Check-Ups provide periodic assessments to evaluate your organization's strategic health and alignment.

Strategy Circles

Your stakeholders need to understand and activate your strategy. Our Strategy Circles bring together your people together to provide a venue to ensure strategic alignment across your organization.
“Our board of seasoned credit union executives was impressed with the process, as was our executive team.

I'd highly recommend this approach to other organizations seeking alignment around big strategic topics.”
Scott Patternson
CEO, CU Student Choice
“I needed a partner that would help us recognize change was needed and get the team excited about the future. 

This complex task was made more effective and easier with the Strategy Circle’s unique planning process. What we accomplished in days could have taken months.”
Tansley Stearns
CEO, Community Financial Credit Union
About Us
The Strategy Circle is built on the belief that credit unions have the power to change their communities, and that by working together we can achieve even greater success.

We believe that the collective intelligence of your credit union is its greatest asset, and that by harnessing this power, we can design co-creative strategies that are endorsed and co-owned across your organization.

Our collaborative approach to strategic planning ensures that all voices are heard and all perspectives are taken into account, leading to outcomes that are truly reflective of the organization as a whole.

We are dedicated to helping credit unions compete and build market share through single and multi-organization strategies, and to shaping a brighter future for the industry as a whole. Join us in our mission to empower credit unions to achieve their full potential.

George Hofheimer
Partner & Co-Founder
Advises highly ambitious credit unions that want to change the world.
Brent Dixon
Partner & Co-Founder
Designs experiences that connect people and put their collective experience to work solving problems.
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